Electrosurgical Equipment

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Bovie Medical A812-C Mobile Stand for A800, A900, A940 & A950
Bovie Medical A1203 Footswitch
Bovie Medical A-950 Electrosurgical Generator/Desiccator
Bovie Grounding Cord for A1250, A2250 and A3250
Bovie ESPR2 Autoclaveable Reusable Pencil
Bovie ES62R Needle, Super Fine 4.5cm, Reusable
Bovie ES26R 3/4" Short Shaft Loop, .008 wire, 1 box
Bovie ES25R 1/2" Short Shaft Loop
Bovie ES23R 5/16" Short Shaft Loop, Reusable
Bovie Bantam A952 Electrosurgical Generator
Bovie A834T Needle Electrode, Angled Fine, Tungsten
Bovie A833 Needle Electrode, Short Straight
Bovie Desktop Stand for A900, A940 and A950
Valleylab Electrosurgical UnitValleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator - Refurbished
Valleylab Electrosurgical UnitSurgistat Series Cart - Refurbished
Valleylab Electrosurgical UnitMonopolar Footswitch - Refurbished
Valleylab Electrosurgical UnitBipolar Footswitch - Refurbished
Aaron Electrosurgical GeneratorAaron2250
Aaron Electrosurgical GeneratorAaron 942
Aaron Electrosurgical Generator - Aaron 1250